Our team of engineers share decades of experience in conceptualizing, designing and delivering first-rate, automated machines to our clients.

Envision Automation is present throughout the lifecycle of our custom-fabricated products and specializes in servicing pre-existing systems, regardless of manufacturer. 

Consult. Design. Build. Install. Support.

Electrical Design

Envision Automation can design and build your electrical system. We can engineer your system, appropriately size the panels to your components and generate electrical schematics. Our team then constructs the panels in our shop, where they are ready to install on your project.

Mechanical Design


We incorporate a systems engineering approach when designing our machines, taking into account all aspects of your operational needs. We work closely with our clients on each project, ensuring integrity during construction and delivering tailored results.

Envision engineers will collaborate with your staff members throughout this endeavor while bringing insights on potential approaches such as automated machines, robot integrations or assembly station adjustments that can improve yield per hour without sacrificing quality — whatever may be needed when carving new ways forward.

If you have a product without a complete plan to manufacture, Envision Automation can assist in developing a project proposal, including outlining an engineering design, researching technology and evaluating solutions. These steps allow us to define what can be done within your budget and tolerance of the desired outcomes.

Machine Software

Envision Automation engineers are capable of writing code for new builds, as well as updating or correcting code in existing systems. 

Our code is intuitive and capable of corresponding with recipes, with alarms for indicating faults and diagnostic screens to help troubleshoot systems if there’s an issue. 

Easily understandable, our code is accessible for clients and well-documented. Envision Automation is devoted to limiting flaws and the need for debugging; our code is written to reset itself and recover from faults while restoring the system to a predetermined point, saving operators time.


With scale, client requirements and safety informing our designs, we specialize in building both traditional and collaborative robotics.

Our robotic capabilities include programming and integrations of several different robots, such as those equipped with end-of-arm tools and vision systems. We’ve constructed robotic projects for picking/placement, part cutting and welding, tracking moving parts and sorting, among other production-oriented tasks.

Electrical Service

Envision Automation can transform a space’s electrical system into a streamlined, automated network. 

Our technicians are journeymen IBEW electricians capable of Class 1 Division 1 and other hazardous electrical installations, on-site troubleshooting and a range of electrical repairs, from services and transformers to state-of-the-art industrial equipment.